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Retirement Made Easy

With all the different factors that affect it and choices to consider, retirement made easy may seem like a pipe dream. How will you determine where to put your money? What type of financial vehicle will you use, and, additionally, what choices will you make when purchasing that specific product? Whether you put your money in a 401(k), 403 (b), Roth IRA, or a traditional IRA, there are many options to consider. Retirement made easy really doesn’t sound easy.

It's not that complicated

Although all of this seems overwhelming, especially as retirement gets closer (or arrives,) we believe it doesn’t have to be complicated. Products like fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) and certain life insurance products can serve as excellent ways of saving up money for retirement.

One of the major benefits of these products is an emphasis on safety.

Products like annuities are a safer alternative to, for example, stock market investments. While you may have been alright with the ups and downs of the stock market during your working years, as you near retirement, you may become more cautious. Fluctuations in the market could lead you to losing your hard-earned money. Retirement is the time to protect your savings.

Additionally, products like FIAs offer reasonable rates of return** in comparison to safer but more disappointing accounts.

For example, traditional savings accounts, CDs, or bonds. Also, an FIA could potentially generate tax-free* income. Needless to say, this product could be the perfect option for your retirement.

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Retirement Made Easy Explained

Maybe you’ve already set the date for your retirement. Or, perhaps you only have a rough idea of when the big day might arrive. As retirement approaches, many people begin to watch their finances more closely. After all, you know that the future of you and your family depends on it. If you’re like a lot of other retirees, you feel a bit overwhelmed. You’re aware that a dip in the market could negatively impact your finances. So, you may feel anxious. This anxiety can lead to some people being unable to enjoy their retirement. And, in our eyes, this is the worst effect of an overcomplicated retirement strategy.

The most suitable strategies are straightforward and simple. If your retirement strategy requires you to monitor it closely, then perhaps it isn't ideal.

How to Keep it Simple

American Principal strives to help you keep things simple.

In this regard, we differ from many other firms out there. Some financial advisors use “smoke and mirrors,” so to speak, to make retirement more complex than it needs to be. Sometimes, clients don’t know how well their strategy is performing and aren’t aware of the risks that come with it. In contrast, we try to keep you as informed and up-to-date as possible.

We can help you uncover details of your current strategy, and determine if it still works for you. We can educate you on important topics, both in personal meetings and at our complimentary dinner seminars. Reach out to sign up for one, we can tell you more about retirement made easy.

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One detail that really separates us from other financial professionals is the ongoing relationship we maintain with clients.

We don't just sell you something and walk away.

Instead, we check up on you regularly to make sure your strategy is still working for you. Interested in what we can offer?

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