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Seminar Events

Want to learn more about your retirement options?

Informational Seminar Events

Our informational seminar and insurance presentations provide info on topics like market conditions, tax rules, and ways to protect your principal from loss. We’ll also discuss how you can set yourself up to receive reasonable rates of return,** while still keeping your money protected* in the event of a stock market drop.

Gourmet Meal & Education

These events also come with a delicious gourmet dinner, so you can enjoy some good food while you learn this important information. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!

No Cost to Attend

Because we believe in the importance of educating retirees and pre-retirees, we offer these events at absolutely no cost to you. We do this because we know guests will like what they hear, and want to become clients. Let us show you how we can help.

We want you to make retirement decisions with as much information to back them up as possible. Knowledge is power, and this is especially true when you’re making crucial life decisions like choosing a retirement strategy. To that end, we have decided to provide our events and the dinner served at them completely for free.

senior couple smiling and enjoying a complimentary gourmet meal at a seminar

We look forward to meeting you!

Let us know the area that you are located in and we will reach out to you about upcoming retirement seminars in your area.

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